Checked Coffee Table Photo Book

Inspired by Coffee Table Books, where you can flip through your lovely pictures just like a magazine or a storybook.

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soft cover Hard Cover

You can customise your Book
Soft Cover or Image Wrap Hard Cover

Soft Cover:

Made with soft cover with premium paper, this is one of the favourite designs among the photobook lovers.

Convenient to carry around, give-away as a lovely gift, easy to keep.


Cover material:
250gsm cover with heat resistant matt lamination material


Hard Cover:

Given a sophisticated finishing, you will be delighted to design and print out a full wrap-around photo on your front cover of your photobook, giving you a modern and contemporary look. 

Classy and formal, ideal for the moments of any occasions, such as the wedding day, corporate events, company trips. 


Cover material:
3mm cover (1500gsm based). wrapped with lab grade photo, finished with heat resistant matt lamination material for protection

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